Robert and Staci met while they were students in the Masters in Public Administration program at the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.  Staci’s first memory of Robert is that he was the annoying guy who would always ask a question right before class was to be let out.  While Robert’s first memory of Staci was when she annoyingly invited herself into his study group (how rude).  As you can see, annoyance was something of a theme in their early friendship.

Robert and Staci eventually became friends and, after three previous failed attempts at asking Staci out on a date, eventually began dating.  As you can imagine, a relationship comprised of two only children certainly has its fair share of ego and stubbornness.  Somehow the fact that they were paired with someone just as headstrong and determined as they were only served to further bond the two together.

After graduating from the Bush School, Robert and Staci moved to Dallas where Robert worked for an educational non-profit and Staci began her career with the City of Dallas.  They married on June 14, 2008, just over two years after they started dating.  Robert began law school at Southern Methodist University in the fall of 2008 and also works as a Grant Writer for the National Center for Policy Analysis.  Staci continues to work for the City as the Northeast Service Area Coordinator (a fancy title for a community liaison).


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  1. stacey said

    i tinnk you guys are great!!!!

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