Best. Birthday. EVER.

February 12, 2010

Last Friday was my 27th birthday.  As February 5th approached this year I mentioned to Robert that I had never been given a surprise party for my birthday, or for any occasion for that matter.  I later realized that wasn’t exactly true.  In highschool my mom picked me up from a theatre trip, told my friends all to head to my house while she took me to Baskin Robins to pick up a cake.  She told me that she just felt like getting me a cake, but seeing as my mom has never been good at lying or at keeping secrets I knew something was up.  When we got home 5 of my friends were hiding behind our kitchen island yelling happy birthday.  So Mom, I’m sorry I didn’t immediately give you credit for throwing me my first surprise party.

Anyways, in college, my birthday either included an exam, or later Impact counselor selections which, naturally, overshadowed my big day.  I’ve never been a big self-promoter so if someone didn’t offer to organize a party or dinner for my birthday, I didn’t initiate one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had plenty of good birthday events, but this year Robert really went over the top.

Despite the fact that he was laid up on the couch all week with a nasty cold, Robert managed to arrange a day of birthday surprises to occur on Saturday, the day after my birthday.  The surprises began at 11 on Friday night when our friend Jim showed up at our front door to spend the weekend.  Although Robert did manage to let it slip that Jim was our surprise guest, it still was a great surpise.

Before heading to bed Robert told me that I was to be ready to leave the house by 11:00am on Saturday.  He knows how much I cherish being able to sleep in on the weekend and took that into consideration as he set the schedule of events.  Isn’t he a sweetie?  So at 11:30 we pulled out of our driveway and headed west.  I was pretty sure I knew where we were headed until we pulled into the parking lot of the Irving Mall.  The surprise there was that our friend John was joining us for the days festivities, John pulled in behind us on the road and we continued our trek westward.

Surprise #2 of the day was lunch at Joe T. Garcia’s in Ft. Worth where the four of us were joined by my best friend Jalah and her fiance Chad.  Lunch was delicious and the conversation was lively, which should not be a surprise if you’ve ever been to lunch with Robert.  We touched on missions, the death penalty and future career paths seamlessly all in under 2 hours.  So pretty much your typical lunch convo.

We paid our bill and got in the cars to head toward surprise #3, which I later discovered was a trip to the Kimball Art Museum to see the Texas Private Collections exhibit.  I had been wanting to see this exhibit for weeks and my anticipation was not disappointed.  I was amazed to see how many great works of European art both classic and modern are housed in homes in Texas.  There’s even a Monet Waterlillies painting in the Park Cities! Crazy.

After we finished drooling over the beautiful artwork, all but John headed back to Dallas to hang out and play Bananagrams at our house before moving on to surprise #4, dinner at Breadwinners where we were joined by Luke and Maci.  Breadwinners is one of my favorite non-Mexican eating establishments in Dallas and it did not disappoint.  Dinner was a blast and while I can’t remember exactly what we talked about, I certainly remember there being a lot of laughter and storytelling.

After dinner we said goodbye to Luke and Maci and the five of us headed to the destination of my 5th and final surprise of the night, birthday cake from Panini and champagne at Felix and Sandra’s house. 

Check out that cake!! Triple layer chocolate with cappucino filling. Oh my!

Panini was the bakery that did our wedding cakes and I can safely say that I have never tasted cake so delicious in my life.  After a little bit our friends Jon and Alyssa came by to share in the cake and fun.  All in all it was a great day with friends, good food and fun.  I think it’s safe to say that this was by far the best birthday ever.  Thanks Robert!!

Jalah and I before cake.