My Husband, My Sous Chef

September 8, 2009

This Labor Day weekend, Robert and I decided to take advantage of the “free” day of no work and no class and cook two large meals and an order of salsa (recipe to come) to last us the rest of the week.  The idea here was that taking care of the cooking in one fell swoop would provide me with more time during the week to take care of some other chores around the house, to go to the gym and work out and simply to enjoy our evenings at home with limited dishes to clean.

I got started at around 5:45pm Monday evening beginning with my Cilantro Lime Chicken Tacos (a double order) while Robert worked on cleaning some dishes that our dishwasher refused to clean.  When the tacos were done, we sat down and enjoyed the first fruits of our evening labor before getting back up to continue the cooking and cleaning parade.  The second recipe of the evening was Rachel Ray’s Ancho Chicken Tortilla Soup.  Everything started out smoothly, in the beginning, I had soaked my dried ancho chilis during dinner so they were ready for pureeing, the corn was cut off the cob and was ready for sauteeing, I was in business.

However, just as soon as I put the corn into the pot to saute, I realized that I still needed to chop the onion and jalapeno for the saute and the corn was not easily left alone while I accomplished this task.  It was then that I called upon my trusted sous chef husband.  Robert took over saute duty while I finished chopping and pureeing the upcoming ingredients to be added to the pot.  I was soon prepared to relieve Robert of his station when I realized that I still had not skinned and shredded the rotisserie chicken purchased at the store previously.  

No problem, I pulled the chicken from the fridge and grabbed a knife before realizing that I didn’t know a thing about pulling a whole chicken apart.  I’m sure some of you will be surprised to read that with all my fancy cooking, I do not know how to carve a chicken.  My family, I’m sure, is the least surprised knowing that I do not enjoy eating meat off the bone and always steer clear from cooking recipes that require me to deal with bones.  I guess today marks a new day, but I digress.  I now turn to Robert wielding a large Santoku knife and ask him how to go about dealing with the bird.

It was about this time that Robert, turning to address my question, realized the reason why I try to always wear an apron while cooking.  (The collateral damage to his clothes can be seen in the photo below.)  We determined that the soup was in a good place to be left alone to simmer and Robert came to my rescue to show me how dismembering a rotisserie chicken is done.

Sous Chef Robert hard at work

Sous Chef Robert hard at work

Problem solved!  The chicken was shredded and added to the soup along with the final touches of honey and lime.  I can’t wait to try it for lunch today, it looks fantastic.  All in all, it was a successful cooking evening, so much so that we’ve decided to make “tag team cooking” a new addition to our Save Sunday activities.
Obviously I do not know what I'm doing..

Obviously I do not know what I'm doing..


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