Office Pranks

May 20, 2009

Robert and I are HUGE fans of the TV show “The Office”.  In fact we now own three seasons on DVD and watch them repeatedly.  One of our favorite parts of each episode is when Jim plays a prank on Dwight.  I’ve always been a big fan of pranks.  In fact, in college my roommates and I were involved in a prank war with another house of some of our guy friends.  It didn’t last that long (the guys chose not to respond to our final prank of flouring and q-tipping thier yard) but we had a blast all the same.

Today, my office in Dallas City Hall decided that the best way to wish our co-worker “Happy Birthday” was to pull a series of pranks on him.  First of all, you must know that we are probably one of the most light-hearted departments in all of City Hall.  We have office parties (think Party Planning Committee) and team lunches and all out goofing around from time to time.  Second, Corey is a huge self-promoter.  He started announcing his upcoming birthday three weeks ago and informed the office that we would be making a big to-do about it. 

So we decided to give him what he asked for and made a BIG deal about pulling pranks on him for his birthday.  It all started with wrapping his cubicle in yellow CAUTION tape from the Fire Department that I just happened to have in my car from a previous project.


Corey's desk after being wrapped in Caution tape

Corey discovering his newly decorated cubicle

Corey discovering his newly decorated cubicle

As you may be able to tell from the photos, we succeeded in surprising Corey for his birthday.  I don’t Corey will ever make the mistake of over-publicizing a birthday of his ever again.


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