The Law School Widow

May 7, 2009

Many of you may see the tag line here and wonder “what do they mean by ‘law school widow?'”  A law school widow can be defined as a woman who has lost her husband to the black hole of law school.  The idea for the term came from a comic “PhD Comics” entitled “PhD Widows” where there is a support group for spouses of PhD students.


While I am fortunate that my husband does, in fact, know when he will be graduating, there still are times when it feels like this journey of law school will never end.  This feeling mainly arises around finals when I see Robert briefly for dinner before he returns to the law library only to come home after I’m long asleep.  Then we wake up and the cycle starts all over again. 

Fortunately, this round of finals will be over tomorrow evening at 8pm.  At that point we will have successfully survived the first year of law school!  I say we because while Robert may be the only one in the classes and taking the exams, I have found that I am just as stressed out (or sometimes more so) as Robert in the days leading up to an exam or brief.  And trust me, this level of stress is way harder than the stress I was under in grad school because at least then I could study and work to make me feel better.  Now all I can do is encourage Robert, provide him with food and pray.

This first year of marriage and law school has been a good one.  We’ve been stretched and challenged in ways we never expected and have learned how each other responds to the various stresses in our lives.  Two weeks from today we will move out of our first apartment into a condo a mere three blocks from SMU’s campus, in particular the law library and law quad.  We are very excited about this new location as it will allow for Robert to more easily access the resources at the library and it may even enable us to eat earlier on certain nights since he can pop in for dinner and get back to campus for class within 5 minutes!   We’ll be sure to post pictures of our new home once we get moved in and settled, we think you’ll like it too.


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  1. Kendall said

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Woo hoo!

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